Fashion, its revolution

Do I really need this garment (rational question) or am I going to buy it to fit into the fashion codes (irrational question) or not to be the girl who always wears the same clothes in the office? (stupid question) Yes, people are asking this question to themselves (and it is very sad), without knowing that this will continue to increase the growth of the Fast Fashion companies.

To me, I prefer to have fewer clothes but made with care, good quality, organic cotton, hand knit or a beautiful cashmere scarf for the winter. Let’s do with less and better rather than too much with a poor quality.

So yes, we grow, the population keeps increasing but not the size of our planet … We find it hard to get space, and yes, we do have to produce more and more clothes, the dictate of the Fashion is still present!!

With the great trend of the years 2000, the brands are getting conscious and tell us about their corporate responsibility. But then what about the garment’s companies? It is undeniable, we can’t live without clothes. Let’s now act as a conscious-consumer! So how does it happens, where and who made made my clothes?


It is time to change, to understand in depth and be aware;  Fashion is in its full revolution! Let’s talk today about the « Fashion Revolution » movement initiated after the atrocious accident of the Rana Plaza in Dhaka in 2013. All the brands were pointed at but they didn’t respond and explained that they were not aware about their manufacturers who would give work to subcontractors and so on..So WHO IS RESPONSIBLE …… And how to help those families who have received no compensation and explanations.

It’s time for this to end!

So, me too, I wanted to get involved in my own way by introducing you the movement in Nepal.


Meeting with Theresa Bastrup Hasman, coordinator of the movement in Nepal

What are your missions?

Nepal is a small enclosed country that offers quality crafts and fabrics. We aim to create a link between the producers of the Fashion Revolution Nepal and buyers who wish to develop a niche collection.

We also appreciate to organize workshops and regular meetings with the artisans to discuss with each others about their experiences, to understand their challenges and assess the opportunities to work together.  It is an excellent platform for learning from one and another.

We are also conducting awareness campaigns with the general public in Nepal through the annual event that will take place this year from 23rd to 30th April 2017, dates relating to the tragic accident of the Rana Plaza.

What will be the main focus for 2017?

This year, we want to raise awareness regarding the cleaning of wastewater management (water that has been used for dyeing fabrics). Awareness workshops with the artisans of the network will be conducted as presented in this video.

Be informed!

Visit their website and follow on their Facebook page all their updates. If you are a buyer, a designer, contact Theresa for more information about the network of craftsmen of Nepal.


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