Design dilemma

Designing, developing an craft is quite a tricky work … Looking at the finished craft is always a great moment; you finally see the craft you have thought so much about. Sometimes you have a quick and direct feedback which came to you, like « we have to change the length » and so on. Or on the contrary you are happy but then, when you present it to your friends for a final confirmation, you are getting unexpected comments.

img_3200For example, this bag which did not go production. This tote bag has a dkaha fabric and allo cotton in the bottom and for handles (the allo cotton is a very strong fabric). When my friend saw it for the first time. He told me about a very subtle detail and to be honest, I’m not sure if you can see this detail in this picture (which was taken 4 years ago). The fabric in allo cotton was placed in its width and not in its length. It is really a subtle detail but that has its importance given that it gives a little « heaviness » to the bag.



Well, this is something I had not seen and still, even small details have their big importance.. This story to tell you that it is never simple to develop designs. Since you are so much focused on it, you may sometimes forget things. Thus, it is always great to get comments from your friends!

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