Beautiful signatures!

Beautiful cashmere, beautiful leather bags with a very fine style.  Well, it is great to find this beautiful brand thanks to Pinterest.

Well too bad for me that I  don’t understand much German … Google Translate has helped me ! Starting with the brand name « Neyo Made in Nepal » which is a mix with English and German meaning « It is made in Nepal »; And if we break down the word Neyo into two (Ne Yo), which means that I had badly written it at the beginning, it gives « it » thus « it was made in Nepal » … I know that this comment does not add much to this post but I’d like to tell you!

As for their crafts, we love them and we wish to have three winter seasons and one spring in a year to bundle in beautiful and soft scarves in cashmere while drinking a nice hot chocolate! (Yes I am completely dreaming!)


I am also a huge fan of their page dedicated to artisans, where you can see their photo, their intro and, and …. their..signature !! You will find below a small text, and here I say (again) thank you to Google Translate for helping understand the meaning of it. To be honest I was expected a text like « Nirmala is a mother of … she lives … » and no! We are not in the personal testimony that makes us want to shed our tears. No ! We are simply told that Nirmala loves to sing or that Nanda is always in a good mood; Simple things in life I would say … These are not intrusions into their personal lives but the simple reality of « who they are » and it’s genuine!




Here is my favorite, this leather bag with a beautiful traditional dhaka inner fabric, often well used for topis (traditional man’s hat) or for babies’ clothes.

If you are curious to know about Neyo Made in Nepal (and you better understand Germa than me or use the Google transate tool), visit their website and follow the news and beautifuls pictures on their Facebook page

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