Strong wicker

It’s the big come back of the wicker! This weaved natural fiber is among my favorites. It brings me back to my childhood during the time I was staying in Africa. Inside or outside, we used to have this kind of wicker chairs and tables…Same here, in Nepal, you will find beautiful round armchairs, tables … Lire la suite Strong wicker

Debrief workshop

Last Saturday, I had the chance to co-organize a workshop along with Luisa and Ibtisam; both of them are currently students’ designers (respectively postgraduate and undergraduate) at the Wisconsin-Madison University, USA; specializing in design and textile designing. They are currently in Nepal, being involved in different organizations to bring their support in different projects such … Lire la suite Debrief workshop

Shiny brass

Brass has been one of my discoveries that I made being in Nepal. Starting Suti, I couldn’t resist to put a few brass bracelets in the accessories’ line…or even presenting some brass buttons in the little shop called « A Little Mercerie ».  Just enjoy this selection of photos! More pictures on Pinterest / Golden brass album

Rough wood

I have been surrounded by wood since the age of 4, while living in Africa and South America, that was 12 years of my life being away from France but living fully my experience abroad! Still now, when I return to my parent’s home, they have tons of rough, polish and type of wood being … Lire la suite Rough wood

How to #4

Colors are part of our life, there are everywhere, starting from you wear, you like to wear, which food attracts you because of this color and so on…You live in the world of colors. So in Fashion, in your home too, colors are actually being a reflector of you and the lifestyle you are at … Lire la suite How to #4

Women and wood

This is June and some of you may know that it is my birthday’s month! 2017 means that I will be turning 30 years old…I have been thinking about this number but still, for me (and people), I look like a 25 years old person! My name sometimes sounds a bit outdated for French people, … Lire la suite Women and wood