I design for me or for her/him?

Sometimes I wonder, do you design for you, for your friends, for the happiness of your customers? For what?

I remember some discussions I had with Luisa, a great designer who visited Nepal last year. She likes and keeps thinking of designing night and days, « it is in her blood » as she would tell me; and at the same time, she would also tell me  » it’s important to design for your customers depending on who is s/he and what they need, their lifestyles, their values, everything based on your customers target. »

Sometimes, I look at some brands and it seems that designers do what they feel like they should do when they are based in the so-called « maison » (house), they should respect the consistency in regard of colors and be inspired also what have been done before. What would reveal the « oh, I recognize the brand » from the customers’ mind. As if, this luxury brand would always stay alive in their mind as the previous generation did also.

And on the other hand,  I see young brands which are going in many directions and I do understand it, it’s difficult to stay focused.  It does take time to develop the « little something » where you will be able to find your « uniqueness point » among others and reach out this target of customers you aim at. Now, it seems that I am just writing as I am thinking and this is true. It is just a thought, my opinion.

To go further in this topic, I am sharing  the video from Zoé Hong being a great teacher for textile fashion industry on YouTube, this is her recommendation:

One little hint on my next article,

Design Cleanliness + Design Scalability + Design Consistency = Design Team Efficiency

would you agree on this statement?

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