Brand, branding!

Branding….kézako, ke ho?

I guess that I am talking to an audience who already know what branding is since I have seen since 2011 more and more brands coming to live especially in the handicrafts sector of Nepal.

I would say that branding is part of a marketing and communication strategy to bring a true identity to your product(s) or your service(s). Branding refers to important elements which will define your identity through music, slogan, tagline, colors used in your visuals and so many others elements…

Why do you actually need branding?

Branding is key since it will help you for your customers to have clear brand recognition. Will tomorrow Coca-Cola change its logo color into blue?? (Of course not…otherwise it would be a Pepsi version). The more you stay consistent and bring great branding, your customers will be able to define a brand loyalty towards your brand. Once you have achieved these 2, ultimately your brand will be more valued, hence you will be able to charge more on certain items. You will have a stronger financial value followed by an inspired and motivated team who will be proud to be working for your brand. These are the 4 keys and trickle down effect of building a strong branding.

I actually tend to repeat these 4 elements to my students all week long and I thought of writing a small article on this.

Sometimes, you could be a little lost and won’t know where and what to start with? you are still confused on the direction or name of your brand?

One small work, take a white sheet of paper and write in the middle, « My brand »

around this, start drawing arrows and add to them some titles : « my brand is »

  • a color
  • an emotion
  • feeling
  • a food item
  • a landscape
  • a country
  • a famous brand?

under each of these, make sure to define what would be the color of your brand, a feeling and step by step you will be able to evolve on this

Do let me know if you have questions on your branding…I will more than happy to share and discuss with you!

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