Bhav planner !

Did you know? I just love planning and here come as evidence for me to present you the 2018 planner of Bhav (which I have actually bought since its release last October!).  It will be my second year using a Bhav planner and I would say this is so convenient for people being planner-freak like me!

First of all, it’s about the cover. I know that many of my colleagues have the same and not to mix them up, I always put one cover. 2018 was a purple lokta paper and then come for 2019 the wrapping of Pia’s brand.

Second of all, it’s about writing down the so-called important phone and codes that you have written if in case your phone is down or if you are not using your home laptop and need to access to specific websites.

Last and not the least, you have a planner, so use it! They are so many people who do have one but they tend to take their notes on papers, notebooks and at the end of the year, the planner has still 75% of pages to be used!

Have great planning ahead and a great year! It’s not (or never) too late to have your planner for 2019. Here is the link to purchase it from Nepal.

Photo credit : Bhav

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