The ring

April was the big month for me, this is when I got married. And way before that, I had to think about my wedding ring!  At first, I thought that I would find it in the traditional New road shops (this is the famous lane to find your Wedding jewels in Kathmandu). But, I was … Lire la suite The ring

Garden’s moods

Summer is still on ! Here is my selection from Pinterest for the places where cotton and textile in general are most welcomed in a garden or in the terrace! This is followed by a board with lights and lanterns for your outside space.  

Block prints!

From far, this is my favorite crafts. Falling in love with patterns, selecting the color(s), preparing the painting accordingly with the sponge and your white fabric; so let’s go! I have first discovered this craft with Meera didi who had her own workshop. I also found it in the bigger scale at the Association for … Lire la suite Block prints!

How #8

Another article for the « How to » section!  I have been thinking about this article on how to have a great stall for your event or even if you are preparing your window display, your shop layout, a trade show. Before starting your visual merchandising work, be clear on your message, your theme which is linked … Lire la suite How #8

How to #7

Hello Suti’s readers !! I hope you are fine…Sorry for not being that present for the past 2 months. I guess I also needed to take a break and think about new articles. So from now on,  I will be posting more regularly… It came to my mind for these past months, that people are … Lire la suite How to #7