Buy their crafts and meet them

I came across the website of the Italian fair trade retailer, called Altromercato (Alternative market in English), about the Altromercato Experience.  It’s possible now that you travel and meet the artisan who made your crafts which you bought in the Altromercato shop(s) in Italy! To set up this new formula, the Italian fair trade retailer has … Lire la suite Buy their crafts and meet them

Fair trade packaging

Bon alors déjà que j’étais une grande fan de The Body Shop (il fait partie d’un article sur le top 3 du Fair Trade Beauty), cela a été une très belle suprise de trouver la fabrique « Get Paper Industries » (organisation labelisée WFTO) où les packagings The Body Shop sont fabriqués. C’était en 2011; je visitais … Lire la suite Fair trade packaging

Women and wood

This is June and some of you may know that it is my birthday’s month! 2017 means that I will be turning 30 years old…I have been thinking about this number but still, for me (and people), I look like a 25 years old person! My name sometimes sounds a bit outdated for French people, … Lire la suite Women and wood

How to #2

How to select your artisans? It is such an important topic !!! Yes, I have been thinking about this article for a long time. Listening to my buyers, my friends’ designers and I think this subject should be well explained.  So how and where do we start with? First, let’s be clear on the definition … Lire la suite How to #2

Lights on the Artisans of Nepal by Anaïs Groisy

Such a nice finding I made three months ago, about this beautiful book presenting great illustrations by Anaïs Groisy. Curious to know more about her trip to Nepal and how she came to draw the artisans at work, visited the place and so on…So we came to schedule a meeting last Saturday via a Skype … Lire la suite Lights on the Artisans of Nepal by Anaïs Groisy

How to #1

From my past experience with Suti, pushing my crafts to the Parisian shops…I have decided to come up with a special « how to prospect retailers ». Each experience is different while visiting the shops you love and wishes to see one day your products in there…Sometimes you have surprises and sometimes some disappointments. At the end, … Lire la suite How to #1

Embroideries !

****Article en Français ci-dessous*** Yes, we are still in the « sari » theme from our previous article… I had the chance to stop by last time in one of the Community centers of SABAH Nepal located in Kokhana. My friends and I had the chance to see some embroideries work on a 8-meter length sari! Each … Lire la suite Embroideries !